Welcome to the ROTARY CLUB of URAYASU.

2018-19 president Yukinaga Uematsu

We welcome all Rotarians from all over the World.

Our Rotary is the closest club to the TOKYO DISNEY RESORT.

We meet every Friday at HOTEL Meeting ,
Urayasu Brighton Hotel Tokyo Bay,from 12:30.

Please come and join us for deeper communications with Japanese Rotarians.

Meeting venue: Urayasu Brighton Hotel Tokyo Bay
Phone (047)355-7777

Our club started 38 years ago and now we have43 members, including Medical Doctors, Lawyers, and General managers of 6 Hotels around TOKYO DISNEY RESORT, who can assist your comfortable stay in Japan.

We perform CHARITY WALK FOR CHILDREN for the past 17 times and donated around 40 thousand dollars to the unhappy children.

This activity is highly praised by neighbor Rotarians in Chiba area.

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